• Feb 8, 2023
  • 1 min read

Alphabet challenges Open AI with Bard AI

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What happened – two weeks after Microsoft ploughed $10 billion into Open AI and announced deep integration of the GPT-3 across its products, Google has responded by announcing the launch of it's own generative AI platform – Bard AI.

Bard will be under beta testing for a while and then will be rolled out to developers and users across the world. Earlier last week Google also invested close to $400 million into a path breaking AI venture called Anthropic, which working on AI that can be decoded and understood, versus the current generations of model which are pretty much black boxes.

Google's leadership in AI isn't a secret. The company, once the bastion for top engineering and AI talent, has played a formative role in unlocking major technological innovations along the way brought us the current generation of language models, including GPT-3.

For example, Open AI's work heavily derives from the the transformer model that Google invented. Google's own search product is also improved by the same technology in its current state.

Anyway, the markets were missing the old Alphabet mojo, and with this move Sundar has won some confidence that he back out from a fight.